How Can Cloud Computing Problems Be Overcome?

Published: 26th May 2010
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Decision makers who are considering the shift to cloud computing solutions are on their way to balancing choices from the pros and cons of such. Since cloud computing is already becoming widely available, education aims at selling the benefits of the technology against the potential issues in order to keep up with the pace of the potential and increasing demand. In as much as an organization's goal is to get the most benefit while minimizing risks, decision makers are already wanting to know more about the security, reliability and accessibility of cloud computing.

One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is one of education, as cloud computing problems must be addressed and solutions provided before organizations decide on uptake.

Many decision-makers are thinking about a potential move to cloud computing and are beginning to balance the pros and cons associated with such a move. While cloud computing solutions are becoming more and more within the reach of most companies, education is helping in keeping with the pace of its increasing market demand as well as looking at the potential benefits as opposed to its potential risks. It is to be expected that executives and IT managers express concern and are wary about the uptake of new systems and procedures, as a lot is at stake within their organizations. They want to know that any option they consider is able to cope with the particular issues associated with their operation and they also wonder about reliability, security and accessibility.

The problems related to cloud computing need to be answered with solutions before any inquisitive organization would likely to step into questioning. Security can be a critical area which is often mentioned by key decision makers and executives when it comes to considering cloud computing for future use. Specifically, they want to know how safe their data would be when it is transferred to the cloud and they are concerned that some of the information could be compromised, if it was stored in a position where certain jurisdictions could gain access to it. The very core of their inquiry is to know how some third party organizations could get hold to any information within a storage system that is not within an organization's control, regardless of the legality of such process. Fundamentally, the best security architecture in place will ensure that encrypted data is kept completely separate from the keys that enable access.

Other than security, reliability is another issue and in most situations, such is not 100% guaranteed. It is therefore vital to pick a cloud computing solution that best meets your organization's goals and needs. Persistent availability generally equates to high availability, but in the event of a failure, you may need a solution that can manage the migration from a failed server to an available server in the event of a problem.

Dependence on a single solution can present issues for enterprise performance and a risk to ongoing continuity, should provider failure arise. The best management solutions will not depend on individual providers, nor a specific management entity, but will ensure that independent backups are in place and redundancy is built in.

These new options can provide a great alternative solution for the company's IT needs, so long as cloud computing problems are addressed head-on and can be mitigated. Make sure that the correct tools are selected to ensure that management is both intuitive and productive. Solutions cannot be too secure, with access to the system and credentials stored and separately encrypted for security. For best effect, multiple, cross crowd solutions should be considered and experienced management companies which are engaged to help.


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